Cost of Establishing Limited Company in Turkey

Note 1: The costs increases 400 TRY for each additional partner and 735 TRY  for each additional manager. For joint stock companies the average costs are 25% more than limited company . The prices include VAT.


   Note 2 : When limited company formation it is not mandatory to pay the capital. After company formation you can deposit capital into your company account within 2 years by opening a bank account.


   Note 3: Costs can vary slightly depending on your business specifications. You can contact us to get free of charge detailed cost table  


  Note 4 : We will send you all expenses invoices for company formation


  Note 5 : Expenses may vary slightly according to exchange rate fluctuations.

   What is the cost of limited company formation in Turkey ? What expenses are paid when LLC company formation ,  What expenses do I pay monthly after the limited company formation in Turkey ? What are the tax liabilities in Turkey ? Limited company set up fees in Turkey ? Limited company establishment charges in Turkey ? what is the total cost for company formation in Turkey ? Which kind of fees paying for company formation in Turkey ?


    When setting up a limited company, the sample cost work we have prepared for an idea is for informational purposes. When you set up the company, there are expense items that you may encounter. (Notary Costs, Tax Office Costs, Competition Board costs, Chamber of Commerce registration fee and Accountants service fee).

    For the year 2021, the sample study we prepared based on the minimum data for the province of Istanbul is as follows. Costs may vary slightly according to criteria such as the size of your business, the city you are in, the employment of insured personnel, and the use of a cash register.

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LLC Establishment Cost in Turkey - Limited Company Formation Expenses

Limited Company Formation Cost in Turkey

Sample Study; Costs incurred in establishing a limited liability company in Turkey


Number of company partners: 1 (Person)

Number of manager: 1

Capital Stock: 100.000 TRY

Workplace Rent Amount ; 2.000 TRY

Sector: Textile trade - wholesale 

1- Notar Fees ; 690 TRY


Turkish Translation of Founder Passport - Notarized ; 250 TRY

The signature circular of the manager after the company was founded; 220 TRY

Pawor off attorney - Accounting : 220,00 TL

2- Chamber of Commerce ; 1.275 TRY 


Registration,advert, Competition Authority, Articles of Association ,Accounting Books; 1.265 TRY

Activity Certificate 10 TRY

3- Tax Office ; 25 TRY


Stamp tax of rental Agreement ; 25 TRY


 4 - company Formation Service Fee ; 1.000 TRY 

  You can contant us to get detail cost table for your business. We are preaparing detail cost table free off charge.

03.6.2021 Update


What are monthly expenses a LLC company in Turkey ?

     Companies established in Turkey have monthly legal obligations. Even if the company has no activity, tax returns are prepared and sent to the tax office every month. 


    Serious penalties are imposed in case of non-fulfillment of legal obligations.


    Accounting companies (CPAs) are authorized for the preparation of tax returns and accounting processes. Tax returns cannot be submitted without a CPA. 


    On the other hand, even if there is no activity, stamp duty payment of monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns occurs.

In summary, the monthly minimum expenses of a inaktive company in Turkey;

  • Accounting service fee (it is determining according to busines volume ) 
  • Stamp tax of tax declerations ( You can think avarage 130 TL monthly)
  • Rent of workplace. If you using virtual office adress avarage 200 TL. 


    Other expenses will vary according to your business volume; tax payments, personnel wages, personnel insurance payments, etc.