Liaison Office Formation And Necessary Permissions in Turkey

Liaison Office ;


  1. Main activity is to conduct market research and feasibility studies and to oversee investment opportunities in the Turkish market on behalf of the parent company

  2. Not allowed to carry out any commercial activity

  3. Required to obtain permit from the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Investment

  4. The condition of being operational for at least one year might be sought for permit

  5. The initial permit is issued for three years and can be extended depending on the activities in the past three years and the future plans of the parent company

  6. Applications of international investors to establish liaison offices to operate in sectors that are subject to special legislation, such as money and capital markets, and insurance, etc., are assessed by the relevant authorities



Permit from Ministry of Economy

   The documents required by the Ministry of Economy for establishing a liaison office in Turkey are as follows:


  1. Application form

  2. The Letter of Commitment indicating the liaison office’s field of activity, a written statement that the liaison office will not carry out commercial activities, and the authorization document of the parent company official who signed the letter

  3. The Certificate of Activity of the parent company

  4. Activity report or balance sheet and income statement of the parent company

  5. The certificate of authority issued in the name of the person/persons who is/are appointed to carry out the operations of the liaison office

  6. The power of attorney in case another person will carry out the establishment transactions of the liaison office



     It should be noted that all the necessary documents issued and executed outside Turkey must be notarized and apostilled or alternatively ratified by the Turkish consulate where they are issued. The original executed, notarized and apostilled documents must be officially translated and notarized by a Turkish notary.

     Foreign investors who want to establish liaison office in Turkey, can easily establish their liaison office from a bureaucratic point of view.


   Turkey’s FDI Law is based on the principle of equal treatment, allowing international investors to have the same rights and liabilities as local investors.

    The conditions for setting up a business and share transfer are the same as those applied to local investors. International investors may establish any form of company set out in the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC), which offers a corporate governance approach that meets international standards, fosters private equity and public offering activities, creates transparency in managing operations, and aligns the Turkish business environment with EU legislation as well as with the EU accession process.

Process Of  Establishment Liaison Office in Turkey

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