Lımıted Company Formation in Turkey

C-  Preparation of the company main contract, and registration to chamber of commerce


       After you send necessary informations and documents,  accountant - CPA will prepare company main contract according to Turkish laws. 


      After you check company main contract, for the registration of the company you should apply to the Chamber of Commerce with the necessary documents. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) will prepare documents of Chamber of Commerce , and will do necessary application for you.   Necessary documents; 

  • Mersis - Display output.

  • POA - pawor of attorney for establishment 

  • Chamber Of Commerce registration statement (photos of the partners should be pasted)

  • Company Establishment Application Form 3 pieces

  • Founding partners information form

  • Competition Board share bank receipt (to be deposited on the chamber of commerce)


     After registration chamber of commerce, the company shall be deemed officially established. 


      With the arrangement made in 2018, the obligation to pay capital was removed when establishing a limited company. You can get bank account and you can pay company capital in two years after LLC establishment. 



D- Signature circular -  Accountant's attorney (POA) - Bank account


     After registration chamber of commerce , the signature circular of the company manager shall be removed from the notary public for use in the official transactions of the company. And , company manager should give power of attorney to company accountant-CPA or accounting process. Acountant- CPA will need power of attorney for other process about company registration . Registration to tax office, registration to insurance office etc. 


      For the bank process, company manager can apply to any bank with the company documents and company sign circular.   We recommend contacting bank branches in the region where the company address is located.



E- Registration to Tax Office


      Company accountant-CPA will prepare tax office documents and will apply to tax office. After this, one officer from tax office will come to your company adresss an will prepare inspection report about company.  


      All process about company establishment are finished  after inspection report. You can start business activity in Turkey. You can employ workers. You can print company documents such as invoices, delivery notes, receipts.

Process Of  Establishment LLC - Limited Company in Turkey

Lımıted liability company formation

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   In Turkey, a limited liability company establishment procedures, it takes an average of 4 or 5 days. 


   If there is no special case, the process of establishing limited liability companies for foreigners can be completed within this period. At this stage, the most important issue for foreign investors is that they determine the correct address for accounting services after company establishment and establishment. An experienced team will prevent unnecessary loss of time and cost in your establishment. And will protect your business against financial risks.

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A-  Certified Public Accountant - CPA

       Only Certified Public Accountants  (CPA) are authorized for accounting and tax services inTurkey. When you decide to establish a limited company llc. in Turkey, you should first contact an expert CPA - Certified Public Accountant. You should do agreement  for establishment process and accounting transactions. 


B - Necessary Documents and informations for Establishment 

  • Photocopy of passport of founding partners

  • Passport translation in Turkish  (Notarized )

  • Tax number of partners to be received from the tax office

  • Company title 

  • Company capital (minimum TL 10.000 TRY )

  • Company's Sector and Activities

  • Company manager - representative

  • Legal company address &  Rental Agreement